People have the impression that Islamic finance, halal economy and sustainable ecosystem are relatively new and in the process of finding the right form to flourish and be part of the mainstream. While such impression holds some truths in many aspects, especially in jurisdiction where the halal aspect and thayyiban were not previously perceived as crucial, Islamic finance itself, along with halal economy and sustainable ecosystem had been long practised in its traditional form since over 1400 years ago. In fact, many of the doctrines had the roots dated back to the time prior to Islam. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his disciples lived their life, conducted commercial affairs and businesses in manner that would best illustrate how Shariah had set out perfect guidelines to lead to halalan thayyibah dan ensure sustainability. Talking the walk. Walking the walk.

Here, in HGC Firm, our experts are the industry leaders that have dedicated decades of work and experience building Islamic finance and shaping the halal and sustainable ecosystem across the global. Our experts are the people who have contributed to the industry and brought Islamic finance to the current state. These are the people whose views and contributions had drawn the face of industry and had even been crystalised as important parts of the system in some jurisdiction.

About HGC Firm

PT Hurriyah Global Consulting Firm (“HGC Firm”) is a company established and registered in accordance with the law of the Republic of Indonesia. It serves as the platform that provides a one stop solution to businesses, organizations, entities or individuals seeking expertise and professional assistance to develop its business, strengthen its governance, assist in its operation or simply resolve any issues. Islamic finance (banking, money market, capital markets, FinTech, asset management, wealth management, merger and acquisition, private equity, product structuring, etc), halal and ethical economy, ESG, Sustainability, governance, Islamic accounting and business consultancies are our forte.

Our experts are global leaders and the champions in the respective areas of expertise. We have over 250 years combined experience across the globe.

Our Experts

Dr Hurriyah El Islamy

Dr Hurriyah El Islamy is a global award winning proponent of Islamic finance, Islamic banking and Islamic capital market. Active in promoting halal economy and esg/sustainable ecosystem, she is known for thinking outside the box and proposing practical solutions.

H.E. Jamal Al Shehab

His Excellency Jamal Al Shehab was the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Social and Labor Affairs for the State of Kuwait. He was two times Minister of Justice holding the position as the Minister of Justice and Awqaf Affairs and Minister of Legal Affairs of the State of Kuwait. His Excellency is…

Stella Cox CBE

Stella Cox CBE has worked within the Islamic financial marketplace for more than thirty years. Since 1998 she has been Managing Director of DDCAP GroupTM. Under Stella’s leadership, DDCAP has pioneered Shariah compliant intermediation services, bringing automation to the industry sector through…

Dato’ Badlisyah Abdul Ghani (CB, F.CPIF)

Experienced Chief Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Capital Markets, Risk Management, Management, Investment, Banking, and Corporate Finance. Strong entrepreneurship…

Datuk Noripah Kamso

Datuk Noripah is Chairman (Designate) of Arabesque Malaysia. Arabesque Holding PLC is a London based sustainability FinTech company. She was a banker for 30 years. She previously served as chairman of Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia, advisor to CIMB Islamic Wholesale…

David John Doree Vicary

David John Doree Vicary, more fondly known as Daud Vicary Abdullah is a chairman of several key stakeholders in global Islamic finance. Prior to these chairmanship positions he was the member of the Islamic Finance Advisory Board to HM Government of UK, the President and CEO of INCEIF…

Puan Sharizad Jumaat

Puan Sharizad Jumaat  currently sits in the investment advisory panel of Security Commissions of Malaysia. She has proven track record in managing investments of several asset classes in particular listed equity, fixed income/sukuk, treasury instruments, currency, property, and private equity.

Prof Dr Maliah Sulaiman

Prof Dr Maliah Sulaiman is an adjunct Professor in Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences International Islamic University Malaysia, Honorary Professor in Faculty of Business and Accounting University Selangor, Advisor in Salihin Academy and a Fellow for the Centre for Islamic Economics, International Islamic University.



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