We are the frontiers in IT Legal, Business and Climate Solutions and Islamic Finance.

Providing quality legal consultancy and services is in our DNA. We have decades of experience and we have helped governments, authorities and private entities to achieve success of their projects by ensuring the legal aspects of the projects are professionally and well taken care. While our team and associates allow the Firm to be the jack of all trades, we have specific strength in IT and business laws having served world class companies and government establishing themselves as the leaders in this sphere.

Sustainability is our top priority. We help businesses to ensure sustainability by strengthening governance, securing legal aspects and optimizing opportunities. We help individuals grow their potential and develop relevant competencies. We also strive to have better Earth while helping companies to manage their carbon emission and impact using our state-of-the-art climate software powered by artificial intelligence.

Additionally, Islamic finance is our forte. Our experts are among the trend-setters in the industry. We have also worked with authorities and ministries to developed laws, policies and regulations that shape the industry today.

In a nutshell, HGC Firm is unique platform that provides a one stop holistic solution for governments, authorities, businesses and individuals looking for quality service and world class experience.


We, HGC Firm, are your business partner that will ensure the optimization of business opportunities.

Holistic Legal and Business Solutions

We provide Holistic legal and business solution to allow you to have comprehensive view on a matter and to ensure you’ll make the best move towards success.


Global, Governance & Growth

We are the experts to guide on all aspects of Governance to ensure sustainability and income optimization. We have excellent and proven track record in providing comprehensive legal ecosystem including drafting the required laws, developing policies and regulations and providing customised legal documents. We also help individuals to increase competency and grow professionalism. We provide trainings which are internationally certified and offered by awards winning trainers as well as trainers with various central banking, industry and academic background.


Climate Intelligence Solutions

We also offer Climate solution that optimises artificial intelligence to help you effectively and efficiently manage the carbon emissions from your business activities. Managing the carbon emission is important not just to ensure the sustainability of the Earth but also to manage the tax implication.

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Climate change:

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Training: +62 (0) 812 1033590


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Our Experts

Dr Hurriyah El Islamy

Dr Hurriyah El Islamy is a global award winning proponent of Islamic finance, Islamic banking and Islamic capital market. Active in promoting halal economy and esg/sustainable ecosystem, she is known for thinking outside the box and proposing practical solutions.

H.E. Jamal Al Shehab

His Excellency Jamal Al Shehab was the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Social and Labor Affairs for the State of Kuwait. He was two times Minister of Justice holding the position as the Minister of Justice and Awqaf Affairs and Minister of Legal Affairs of the State of Kuwait. His Excellency is…

Stella Cox CBE

Stella Cox CBE has worked within the Islamic financial marketplace for more than thirty years. Since 1998 she has been Managing Director of DDCAP GroupTM. Under Stella’s leadership, DDCAP has pioneered Shariah compliant intermediation services, bringing automation to the industry sector through…


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